Hana-IT is a professional IT company which provides cutting-edge domestic
/ external IT solutions in Korea.

To provide best support for reseller and customer, We have three branches and
three training centers, and we also provide technical/education support.

Hana-IT is the company which is specialized in network/security business
field and providing customers in various field with a superb service.
Our entrepreneurship is “Hana-IT and customer are we in Korean.”
We are strongly focusing on expertise and sustainability
with collaborating partners.

Established : in 2004
URL :  www.hana-it.com
Contact : partner@hana-it.com

Location : Daegu, Seoul, Kangwon (3 Offices)
HQ : 37-18, Maeyeo-ro 1-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu
Seoul Office : 501Room ,30 , Digital-ro 32-gil,
Guro-gu, Seoul
KangwonOffice : 211Room, 27, Eonjang 1-gil,
Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do

HanA-IT has proceeded the business related with network core Service Vendor.

Solutions Partners
Wire Network

Load Balancer
Application Accelerator
Wire/Wireless Troubleshooting
VoIP Monitoring & Analysis
Network Forensic
Security Wired Network
Wireless Network
Security Management for information

Data Center Switch

IT project management

IP Management
Network Access Control